Real Estate Investment Loans in Downers Grove

Investment property financing is an ideal option for many people shopping for an investment property or refinancing a previous one. The proper Downers Grove investment property loan, with suitable provisions and rates, can aid real estate investors in achieving their goals.

Being a real estate investor in Downers Grove trying to find funding options, you might be happy to hear that investment home mortgages aren't just easy qualifying, but are also fast closing. Although the majority of banks are reluctant to give funds to a self-employed customer, privately owned lending firms have no issues granting funding, as long as the home or property has a strong likelihood of generating revenue, the borrower has prior experience investing in and running real estate projects, and he provides a well thought out exit strategy and the fiscal ability to fulfill the terms of the financing. The individual must be ready to put a down payment towards the property or home or make use of existing equity. In comparison to conventional lending institutions like banks, privately held mortgage lenders ask for a smaller amount of forms and documents, helping make private real estate investment loans in Downers Grove fast closing.

For a number of real estate investors, the preexisting equity locked within a property or home is often an easy way to generate capital for upcoming real estate projects or to increase the amount of money available to them. As in the case of a prior Island View borrower who purchased a bank-auctioned piece of real estate in a tourist town near Lake Michigan for six hundred thousand dollars. They invested $150,000 in remodeling, and subsequently put the property to use as a B&B providing short-term lodging. It was then assessed at $1.2 million by a third-party professional appraiser.

The net annualized income derived from the property added up to $120,000/year. But having a poor credit rating of 460, there was no way they could work out a loan with a conventional bank to recoup their $150,000 personal investment. A real estate investor loan at 65% LTV with Read Rock Capital (Read Rock Capital) gave the couple $780k and made it so they could recoup their personal investment in the project.

Real estate investor loans can also be a fine choice for individuals who would like to do a cash-out loan refinance to unlock their existing equity for other types of real estate transactions. Suppose someone acquires a rundown home in Downers Grove and fixes and flips it, but is not able to sell it straightaway. His capital is stuck in this project, preventing him from making use of it for other types of projects. Most ordinary lending companies, such as a bank, won't consent to a cash-out refinance if the borrower hasn't held the house for at least 12 months. Conversely, Read Rock Capital can do a cash-out refinance all the way to 70% loan-to-value according to the as-is price tag of the house as established by a professional appraiser, even while the house is vacant and waiting around to sell.

At Read Rock Capital, we know that your personal needs as an investor in real estate can vary significantly. In case you are trying to find a loan company who is aware of your criteria and can provide you straight answers concerning your Downers Grove real estate investment loan choices, you've come to the ideal place. Complete the form or give us a call to talk about which investment property loan might be ideal for your project.

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