Private Real Estate Mortgages in Makaha

Countless real estate investors rely upon private real estate financing to buy a new property, or update or refinance one they already own. Makaha private mortgage loans have many advantages — they close fast, are easy to qualify for and are also open to self-employed individuals.

So even if you don't have good credit, having a promising opportunity, a significant downpayment, previous real estate experience, and an intelligible exit strategy are much more relevant when being qualified for private money for a real estate loan. In addition, the fast closing Makaha private real estate mortgages give you funding without delay, helping you close on a deal within a few short weeks.

In most cases, clients consult Makaha private mortgage lenders to finance their real estate ventures when:

  1. They need funds to fix up a house and offer it for sale at a higher price or to up the lease amount for renters.

    E.g. one of our customers had a twin-home / duplex. He held plenty of equity in the house and the rent payments generated regular income each month. Though several remodeling work to the property would've enabled him to collect higher rent, a bank would definitely have turned down the mortgage application, given that he had a credit score of merely 520. And so he reached out to Read Rock Capital to do a cash-out refinance and got a loan at 65% LTV.

  2. They've got multiple outstanding debts and desire to consolidate them.

    Multiple unsecured debts with a variety of rates are incredibly overwhelming and tough to keep track of. This is why many people make the decision to take advantage of the equity in their residence to combine each of their unsecured debts into one private mortgage which has a single payment per month.

  3. They wish to use their property's existing equity for some other real estate deal.

    As an example, one of our previous customers in Hawaii had a house appraised at over one million dollars. Since it was difficult for him to find an interested party for the home, he had a person who was open to lease it having the option to buy. The rental agreement income helped him meet his current mortgage payment, taxes and insurance. The tenant also consented to pay $200,000 in the form of an advance payment for a three year lease agreement. Having these sureties to pay for the home's foreseeable financial obligations, he came across another promising investment opportunity and contacted Read Rock Capital for a private mortgage loan around seventy percent of the home's estimated value. This let him make the deposit for his next property, and furthermore pay down his existing mortgage.

  4. They have a previous private loan and are not able to pay the looming balloon payment.

    If an unanticipated incident prevents a borrower from hitting his balloon payment deadline, he can seek out a different mortgage lender to refinance. A cash-out refinance helps you pay the balloon payment and escape consequences.

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