Private Real Estate Mortgages in Salem

Private real estate financing gives assistance to real estate investors who want to pay for, fix up or refinance a property or home utilizing a short-term loan from a private company or an individual. Salem private mortgage loans have many advantages — they are fast closing, have minimal eligibility requirements and are also offered to self-employed individuals.

This is very fortunate for real estate investors because even anyone with lousy credit can apply for private money for a real estate loan as long as he has a promising project, he has plenty of money for a downpayment, he has shown himself competent in past real estate investments, and he has a good exit strategy. And having fast closings of only fourteen days, private real estate mortgages in Salem are the right solution for ambitious real estate investors.

Most borrowers talk with Salem private mortgage lenders when:

  1. They wish to update or fix up the property or home so that they can offer it at an increased price point or to charge higher monthly rental fees.

    As an illustration, one of our customers operated a two-family rental. At the time, he retained a considerable amount of equity in the house and the rent payments generated steady income. A number of select home enhancements would undoubtedly help him raise the cost of rent, but because of a low credit score of 520, it was highly probable for a bank to turn down his mortgage request. Shortly after he got in contact with Read Rock Capital to get financing, we were happy to complete a cash-out refinance for 65% of the house's value.

  2. They want to combine all their financial debts into one loan.

    The majority of people find that it's stressful to manage multiple payments every month. In order to make the situation more reasonable, some people consolidate their outstanding debts into an individual loan with only one payment per month.

  3. They wish to employ the existing equity in one home or property and use it to invest in another one.

    By way of example, one of our past customers in Hawaii had a place valued at more than a million bucks. He wanted to sell the house but that didn't work out and he ultimately was forced to be satisfied with leasing the home, with the option to purchase it down the road. The funds that stemmed from the rental payments took care of his regular mortgage payment, insurance, and property taxes. The tenant also included two hundred thousand dollars for a non-refundable deposit as he signed the three year lease. These assurances meant that he no longer needed to be concerned about the home's future expenses, and thus, when a new investment opportunity showed up, he found Read Rock Capital and got a private mortgage loan at seventy percent LTV. This means that he was able to make a down payment for the new property, and also repay his present mortgage.

  4. The balloon payment for a previous loan is due and they are not able to afford it.

    A real estate investor who has a prior private loan and isn't able to pay for the balloon payment on account of a change of circumstances can apply for refinancing from a different company. A cash-out refinance can help the person complete the balloon payment and escape fines.

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