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A rental property in an ideal part of town — no matter a SFH, a condominium, a duplex, a triplex, or a fourplex — is usually a valuable investment for a real estate investor hoping for dependable monthly cash flow and a stable personal economic outlook for many years to come. Certain real estate investors go with an all-cash purchase, while others prefer to pay for their investment properties with Lewisville rental property loans. But the problem is that it is challenging to get approved for a loan from the bank when you do not have an exceptional credit score or if you are self-employed. And virtually all banks have a lengthy loan application and approval process, which may reduce your chances of executing a successful deal, particularly if the sellers are seeking a fast closing. But are you aware that there exist further ways for acquiring a mortgage loan for a rental property?

Various private companies or individuals make rental home loans in Lewisville available, which can be used by borrowers for acquiring a new investment rental property or for refinancing an existing mortgage loan. Compared with bank loans, the borrower's credit score and source of income generally are not the most crucial variables that determine qualification for these sort of short-term loans with lending rates starting from 10% — the rental home's cash-generating capacity and the borrower's real estate know-how will also be very applicable. Simply speaking, the easy qualifying and fast closing Lewisville rental property loans from private mortgage companies will let you take full advantage of every worthwhile prospective real estate deal heading your way.

Take the situation of the independent realtor from South Carolina who got in touch with Read Rock Capital, hoping to buy a single-family home utilizing rental property financing. The type of her employment greatly lessened her chances of qualifying for a mortgage loan from a bank, regardless that she had an outstanding credit score and was prepared to pay 30% towards the deposit. On the other hand, she knew that the opportunity was far too good to miss out on. The 30% down payment and a thorough analysis of rental prices in the area ended up in her favor, and Read Rock Capital agreed to a private loan for her immediately, enabling her to capitalize on a remarkable property.

Being an investor, it's also possible to do a cash-out refi on one of your existing properties to reclaim equity in them to use for other purposes. Among Read Rock Capital's valued clients was a person who owned a rental condo without a lien. He was self-employed and more than thirty days past due on his credit card bills. A cash-out refi was exactly what was right for him because it not just helped him work out his high-interest credit card bills, but in addition, gave him a breather from his problems given that the monthly rent via the condo took care of his new mortgage payment.

You have made a great start when you've found a good Lewisville rental property mortgage lender to fund your real estate venture. Enter your info into the contact form on this page or get in touch with us via phone, and let's discuss the project you have in mind.

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